Be the Nonchalant Chic with a Versatile Pashmina Wrap in 2020

Being nonchalant is the simplest way to intensify your style sense!

This is a fact, defining fashion for the ones, who love to keep it subtle. So, if you are one of them, here’s an uber-cool way giving a perfect accent to your every outfit.

….and the best way to look both cool and elegant is to get hold of a pashmina wrap.

Made in the highlands of the Himalayas in Kashmir, Tibet and Nepal, this pashmina wrap is an excellent accessory signifying both fashion and function at once. In fact, if you prefer anything smart and gorgeous in your closet, the pashmina wrap is all that you need.

pashmina wrap

Available in various colours and designs, let today’s pick be a golden pashmina wrap.

When pairing becomes easy:

Well, a lot of you must be frowning to imagine shimmering gold with other colours. Stop worrying girls, here come few essential expert tips creating a unique style statement with this pashmina wrap to avoid any faux pas.

Orange rules

Gold and orange make a deific combination to giving you a flamboyant look with a tinge of divines.

Oh well! That might sound a bit weighty, but get the proof by you:

For instance, slip on an orange cold shoulder top wear like the Crochet Lace Cold Shoulder Top. Team it up with black pants and gold kitten heels. Now comes the epiphany…. a gold pashmina wrap!

Completely amplify the look by wrapping your pashmina wrap like a nice tie around your neck. This is a perfect look for evening gatherings with your mains or even for regular mall visits.

However, you may also consider throwing tee-shirt dresses in a lighter shade of orange or coral with the pashmina wrap to look a true glitzy girl.

When white glitters

Yes, with a correct combo, you can even make white glitter! Here’s how:

White is neutral and versatile, so when matched with gold, gives an apt amalgamation of gorgeousness and sophistication.

Create a sharp summer look with gold and white that doesn’t come seamlessly for everyone. Wear something plain in white or a subtly printed dress pairing with your lovely pashmina wrap.

Take, for example, this lovely Izabel Flower Stamp Summer Dress. Perfect for outdoor gatherings and spare time activities; wear this knee-length dress with gold embellishments.

Now comes pretty purple

Purple is pretty having a tinge of royalty and exquisiteness. What makes this hue more attractive is when paired with gold.

To get a refined look in a purple-gold combo, try out this look:

Wear a lace top or a tunic like Scarlet and Jo plus knot Front Tunic denoting class and smartness at once. Now give an elusive finishing touch to the outfit by donning the gold wrap like a scarf around your neck.

Apart from these shades, you can also opt for colours like royal blue, red, black and green to match with gold pashmina wrap.

So, choose your colour, dress and wrap the pashmina wrap to look je-ne-sais-quoi.

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