The Men in Liverpool and Me

In the 1960’s I labored on building sites traveling from site to site in a caravan. Generally there was the mate of mine and I, my mate had the wife of his as well as very little female with him. Doing work in Liverpool, we left that late one evening in 1963 to attend a website closer to London. Turning up late at night the very first thing we’d to do is find a website for the caravan. We found a farm which still had the lights of theirs on. The farmer let us remain in the area of his righ alongside the now famous Bridge.

Liverpool  Looking across River mersey

By the way the mate of mine had the wife of his and baby female with him plus the small poodle of theirs. We got up had the breakfast of ours and then went to work, making the caravan there.

Driving to do the job, we pay attention to the media on the radio, discussing “The wonderful train robbery” and also the way they had been searching for a caravan with an infant along with a white poodle. The mate of mine said to me “what the hell has she been as many as now”.

Working although the day, Police automobiles were speeding one of the ways then the other all day long. At the conclusion of the morning we went to the caravan. The farm gate was opened and there is lots of wheel monitor in the mud by the gate.

Whenever we have on the caravan the mates wife of mine was crying, she stated “that early morning the police came from almost everywhere began taking the caravan to bits”. “What for?” we requested, “They believe we’d a thing to do with the robbery” she sobbed clutching the infant.

She then stated, “They phoned the firm of yours up, to find exactly where we had been in time of the robbery”. The authorities discovered that we couldn’t are there during the time of the robbery, leaving Liverpool at the moment we did.

If perhaps we’d robbed the train, would we gone to utilize £5 million in the equipment bags of ours? Perhaps even footballers didn’t earn that salt of cash next!

The subsequent couple of days I saw the police searching for the loot everywhere. There seemed to be an automobile breakers yard with automobiles piled high, that we were able to see from the site of ours. They moved the whole inventory looking for many clues regarding where the cash was placed. At the very least they left us alone!

Effectively a couple of weeks later the mate of mine was sent to another site to me, I’d to retturn to Liverpool. I left home in London approximately 8pm, in the way on the M1 a male was thumbing a lift. I stopped as well as let him in saying “SEO Liverpool all right” he didn’t say very much.

Approximately 12pm we got to an area I believe was called Northwich or maybe Nantwich and took a bad turning. Backing from this particular turning a policeman stepped out. “Is this the motor” of yours he stated “yes” I stated “can you prove it” he stated “not here, all of the docs are for home” I said.

The policeman got in the automobile of mine and said “Take me with the police station to discover in case it’d been stolen.” When we have on the station all 3 people went in. Relaxing in the police station, The passenger of mine said “I is going to get the map” and then went to the automobile. Approximately 2 minuets further along the policeman came out holding a wanted poster with the passenger face of mine on it, he’d simply escaped from jail.

The policeman asks me to get him around searching for the passenger of mine, as the police automobiles tend to be at an additional attempted mail train robbery at York and also the trains on fire. We drove about for approximately two hours we kept seeing him bobbing about in the deep, though he merely disappeared in the evening.

As the policeman got from the automobile of mine he stated he will purchase the petrol utilized. I believed to myself the automobiles do not have street tax, therefore I said, “no which could be okay, it’s on me” and drove off.

As things take place in three’s, I am currently waiting around for the third. But hang on a minuet there was time on vacation in Africa, I’d employed automobile mini. Right now there aren’t several roads exactly where we were, therefore I simply followed the coastal road and then found a tee junction. There was 2 policemen delaying me down. They didn’t speak English but pointed a gun at the mind of mine and made gestures for me going in that way.

Following approximately four or perhaps five miles they pointed for me turning left. On looking I watched a huge ion gate with “JAIL” written on top. The gates opened we drove in the gate shut. The 2 policemen run off.

Waiting approximately 30 minutes an additional policeman came over place the head of his in the window and also said “Thank you for brining the mates home” of mine and opened the gates, we shot out waving the hands of ours.

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